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Misteur Valaire : No Kidding

*Translation of an interview made in 2008*

Misteur Valaire : No Kidding

A few days only before the Montreal premiere of Friterday Night, the first album from the electro-jazz new sensation Misteur Valaire, I had a little chat with Luis, percussionist and dj for the colourful gang. Taking the task quite seriously, I tried to unravel the mysteries about these young explorers of the organic-eletro-dance sound.

How is the web album going on?
Really well, it came out in september, it's been two months, and we've reached and even past the 4000 downloads. If we were talking about record sales, these would be some incredible stats.

Is it effective to bring people to your shows?
I guess, at least I hope so. In Québec City and Sherbrooke, people responded quite well. Now it is our premiere in Montreal, people have to pay to see us in our new city. We'll see how it goes, but I have a good feeling. We had some very good come-backs so I think it's gonna work out.

Why is your show better than an other electronic music show?
It is an amalgam, electronic music, but with five live musicians who play real instruments. Drums, brass, bass guitar...Something is happening, you're not watching a guy behind a laptop for two hours. Our show is fun to watch, it makes you want to join the party. It remains in the dance style because of the strong electro sound, everyone in the band has an element of electronic. Also, we're talking here about our Montreal premiere, it is our first real show in Montreal, which means our team of projectionists. Our album director, Loïc Thériault will be there, he's been following us since the very beginning. He edited video projections while watching us composing. Team Panda does our lightning, they too have been with us from the start, so visually and musically, the show is very very tight. In fact, we are all a bunch of friends working together so the result should be awesome.

What does MV brings to electronic music, differently from other hype artists these days?
The research, the live instrumentation, which brings a dynamic side to the performance. We go from jazz to rock, we have a very large range in sonorities and musical moods.

If you don't mess with MV, what does MV do not mess with? What are you taking seriously?
There are a lot of things. We are really involved in the whole Nathalie Simard phenomenon. Other than that, we care about kids dealing with dyslexia. We are also trying to defend ourselves against Vincent Vallières, who stole our name. This is going to trial. That's about it, a lot of little things we care about in our everyday lives.

In the contrary, what are you kidding with?
Everything else. There are those little everyday dramas in our lives, I think pretty much anything is laughable.

Are you geeks or rockstars?
Ohh I'd say it depends who we're talking about. I'd say geeks. I think it's cool. It suits me, I don't want to speak for the others, but for myself, geek is a winner tag.

You have panties in your promo merchandise. Are the Misteur Valaire's panties selling well?
Yes, quite well! Selling well, very popular. I say congrats to MV's panties. Sold-able, wearable, you must try them. With precaution though, but with enthusiast and fiercely.

Finally, after the conquest of Montreal, what are your projects for the future?
The show's gonna be mainly based on the album, so we will keep on working things out until D-Day. Most probably composing new material to add to the show. After that we'll start booking for the summer, it is starting already, which is a good sign. I think we'll have a really busy Summer in Quebec, then we'll begin looking for Europe venues. Vue sur la Relève gives us a lot of contacts out there, we'll also send our booker to see what could be done. I might not be a whole tour, but who knows.

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