samedi 24 juillet 2010

Le Kid @ Coup de Coeur ; a translation for Pitchfork folks

Mission Coup de Coeur Francophone ; Le Kid & Les Marinellis

Dear rock'n'roll fans,

I would like to introduce you to a new Montreal rock band who could really make you want to take the dust off your vinyls and time-travel in an old Chevy. He's 21 years old, sings from his nose, and when I met him he was wearing a turtleneck. That young fool's name is Cedric and he's the lead signer of the band Le Kid, aka Le Kid & Les Marinellis. Do not adjust your jukebox, the band's 60's psychedelic rock also formed by Etienne, Oli, Yan and Luc really takes place nowadays.

Formed in 2007, the band made it's first live performance at Café Campus for the celebrations of the 8th anniversary of l'Escogriffe, hot spot for the whole Montreal rock scene. All members are friends who hang out there and wanted to start a music project together. When I ask him how does it feel to share the stage with Luc Brien, lead signer of the Breastfeeders, a very well known rock'n'roll band from Montreal, he says that far from being intimidating, having the stage expert next to him gives him confidence and makes him want to blow the public's mind even more. For having seen the results live myself, I can only say both performers have a great chemistry and burn the stage without ruining each others presence.

Le Kid has nothing in common with the several rock bands appearing these days, sounding pretty much all the same. The gang distinguish themselves by a well studied sound, very sixties like and definitely solid. Not only solid, but assumed, serious and determined, absolutely not a side-project. Cedric explains that he wants to push the band as far as possible. He wants to learn from the best and do the same, only faster! Since he's the main writer and composer of the band, it is important for him that every song is perfect before it is played live. According to him, a jam session is not (just) an occasion for hanging out and drink beer. When studio time comes, Le Kid wont be satisfied only with a 5 songs EP, they want to record a full album that should come out in Spring if everything goes well.

In the meantime, they will be performing on November 7th for Coup de Coeur Francophone at l'Escogriffe. It will be like playing at home says Cedric, even though the show is produced by Coup de Coeur, the exposure of playing at l'Esco is not the most efficient one. Nevertheless, it will be an important date for both francophone and anglophone fans, because it seems that the enthusiast comes from both sides. Rocking in french and making the English speaking fans dance is a challenge that Le Kid et Les Marinellis win brilliantly. Check out their Myspace page to hear more at

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